Discord Server Information

The cryptography community Discord server is the largest server dedicated purely to cryptography, currently nearing 700 active members.

You can join the server with the following link https://learncryptography.pw/discord. Feel free to share this link with friends.

Server Rules

  1. Attempting to cheat a contest, challenge, or CTF cipher will result in a permanent ban.
  2. Breach of Discord’s terms of service may result in a mute, kick or ban at the discretion of the staff.
  3. NSFW or objectionable content of any kind is strictly prohibited. If you are unsure if it is NSFW, you shouldn’t post it.
  4. Uphold mature conversations and respect each other; excessive profanity, hate speech or any kind of harassment will not be tolerated.
  5. Spamming, nuking and toxic or contentious behaviour will not be tolerated.
  6. Advertising of any kind is prohibited unless permitted by an administrator.
  7. Be mindful of channels and their uses; read the channel descriptions and take notice.
  8. Do not ask the staff for roles, roles are distributed adequately.
  9. Impersonation of other users or public figures is prohibited.
  10. Staff decisions are final and are not to be argued with.


The server currently has 3 staff members you can see them below.

Categories & Channels


  • #info, this channel contains important information about the server.
  • #announcements, this channel is where server-wide announcements are posted.
  • #challenges-info, here we post information about past, present and future challenges.
  • #crypto-news, server admins periodically share news articles about crypto things here.


  • #general, a place for general chit-chat, both cryptography and non cryptography related topics.
  • Intellectual Discussion, generic voice chat room, any topic of discussion goes, tos permitting of course.


  • #submit-your-cipher, in this channel you can submit your own ciphers that you have made for other community members to solve.
  • #unsolved-ciphers, this is where unsolved ciphers submitted by the community live.
  • #archived-ciphers, solved or unsolvable community ciphers get put in here.
  • #archived-ciphers, a place for the community to discuss ciphers and cryptography.

Archived Public

This is where all the archived public channels live, we archive channels from time to time in order to prevent the server getting clogged with unused/inactive channels. When we archive a channel we move it into this secret category and make it read only. Unfortunately there are too many channels in the category to list here. Read only access to the archives is granted by Admins in certain situations.

Archived Staff

Similar to “Archived Public” however this is used when we archive our internal staff channels, the channels here are only ever visible to staff. Once archived messages are read-only.



  • Member, the ordinary member role, self-assigned by verifying you are human.


  • Staff, generic staff role held by all staff, you can tag this role if you need help.

Level Roles

These roles are awarded by Mee6 (Bot) when a particular level is achieved, levels are gained by earning xp. XP is earned from chatting in the server, the more active you are, the more xp and in turn higher level/role you are. You can see your levels and xp on the leaderboard here.

  • Elder, lowest achievable level role, earned when level 5 is reached.
  • Prime, earned when level 10 is reached.
  • Veteran, earned when level 15 is reached.
  • Legend, earned when level 20 is reached.


  • Friend, given to bots.
  • Friend, given to ex-staff and special friends of staff.
  • Nitro Booster, a rare role held only by the extra special people who support the server by boosting with their nitro subscription, not even the admins get this one.
  • Expert, given to community members who have proved their extensive knowledge.
  • Champion, awarded as a trophy to the 1st place winner of the most recent challenge.
  • Quarantine, the naughty role, awarded to people who have broken the rules.


We use a number of bots on the server for lots of different tasks, see below for a full list.

  • Mee6 (Bot), runs the xp system and is used to assign roles.
  • DSL (Bot), adds the server to the DiscordServerList(top.gg) and also creates invites so people can join.
  • DiscordServers (Bot), adds the server to the DiscordServers website and also creates invites so people can join.
  • Statbot (Bot), logs channel usage stats and adds server to Statbot website.
  • Groovy (Bot), a music bot for use in the voice channels.