Christmas Challenge 2019

You can view the leaderboard here, you can see the points that have been awarded.

Below is a list of ciphers, a cipher will automatically unlock every day at 7PM GMT+0 from December 25th to January 6th. Each cipher is worth 10 points, once the cipher is solved it will lose 1 point for each solve it gets down to 1 point, for example, the second solver will be given 9 points and the third will get 8 points. Every cipher is active until 24 hours after the last cipher has been posted (7PM January 7th).

Once you have solved a cipher and have the solution, please send it to the staff member that created it via Direct Message. Sending it to the wrong admin may delay points being added and you may not be awarded the correct amount of points. You can find the staff members on the Discord server.

Ciphers :

The solutions to the above ciphers will be uploaded after the challenge has ended.