Christmas Challenge 2020 – Day 01 (Dec 18)

Cipher by MysticKnight


%9:D H66< >2C<D 2 9:DE@C:4 EFC?:?8 A@:?E :? E96 32EE=6 H:E9 r~'xs 2D D@>6 @7 E96 DE2E6’D 7:CDE G244:?6D H6C6 25>:?:DE6C65 E@ 7C@?E=:?6] x? qC:E2:?[ ?6HD E92E E96 4@F?ECJ 925 364@>6 E96 7:CDE E@ DE2CE 25>:?:DE6C:?8 2 7F==J E6DE65 4@C@?2G:CFD G244:?6 H2D >6E H:E9 9@A6[ 6I4:E6>6?E — 2?5 D@>6 EC6A:52E:@?] %9:D :D 2?@E96C DE6A 4=@D6C E@ E96 368:??:?8 @7 E96 6?5 @7 E96 8=@32= A2?56>:4]

Day 1 is a simple rot47 cipher to get things started.

This cipher was a collaborative effort, plaintext was provided by Richkiller, cipher type by MysticKnight

Plaintext :
This week marks a historic turning point in the battle with COVID as some of the state’s first vaccines were administered to frontline. In Britain, news that the country had become the first to start administering a fully tested coronavirus vaccine was met with hope, excitement — and some trepidation. This is another step closer to the beginning of the end of the global pandemic.

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