Easter Challenge 2019 – Day 01 (April 21)


⠊⠝ ⠁ ⠎⠁⠇⠁⠙ ⠍⠇⠎⠏⠑⠄⠵ ⠎⠓⠵⠓⠝⠥⠓

To solve the first part of this cipher is a simple substition using braille characters you can decode it the easy way using a decoder from a site such as dcode, copying and pasting the braile into the decoder it will give output “IN A SALAD MLSPE‘Z SHZHNUH”. Alternatively you could have manually decoded by hand but this could take a long time.
The second half of the sentence given by the braille is a Caesar cipher which again can be decoded either manually by hand or using an online tool such as this one from Cryptii, the text has a shift of 7.
The final combined output being “IN A SALAD FELIX’S LASAGNE”.
Name Points
DominicA 10
Binary X 9
SeptaCube 8
Stakog 7
Mapl3Sn0w 6
Shrike, the Elder Goose 5